Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 6th June 2017 Episode 56

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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 6th June 2017 Written Episode

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 6th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mukhi says a sorry to Aru. She slips; he holds her in his arms and says if she can’t forgive him with respect, leaving her half way. He then picks the photo up saying it was his mistake to apologize. Mishri comes to Aru and asks why she asked Mastana about hot water bottle. Aru replies she got hurt. Mishri was looking for Mukhi and goes towards the balcony, Aru stops her and says Mukhi is downstairs. Mishri says she brought food for Mukhi as he didn’t come for dinner and would be busy early morning tomorrow.

Aru decides not to take the food for him, and then finally takes the plate outside. She tries to wake Mukhi up and leaves the plate outside. In the room, she decides to find some solution for signals. She ties two pots with a thread, and throws one towards Mukhi. Mukhi wakes up at once. Aru mocks the connection as an old style wired telephone, and tells Mukhi to have food Mishri brought for him. Mukhi asks if she couldn’t bring it herself, Aru tells him not to try being a husband and take it himself. The next morning, Rami bring the thaal to perform the wedding rituals of Mishri and Deep.

Uma wish her the best of life. Mukhi gifts gold jewellery to Deep. Deep’s mother was enlightened to see the heavy jewellery set as gifts. Arjun arrives and asks for some sweet for himself. He greets Mukhi inside and informs Mukhi about having taken care of all the matters. Mukhi tells Deep to take care of Mishri. Aru thinks about calling the lady, maybe she was upset for some reason. She thinks about calling from some other number. He asks Deep’s mother for her phone. She thinks she would obtain all this from Aru’s husband.

Aru makes the call, it was Lal ji. She asks whose number is it, Lal ji doesn’t give a straight reply. Aru says she spoke to a lady on this number, it must be his wife. Lal ji cuts the call, Aru thinks about going to ask Mukhi for help. Arjun twists Uma’s hands and demands a bracelet like Deep’s. Uma was upset. Aru comes to Mukhi and tells him the whole story about calling Lal. Mukhi says this is Aru’s speculations; it doesn’t happen in his village. Aru tells Mukhi that husbands beat wives in villages; Arjun was alert on the news.

Mukhi says he is well aware this doesn’t happen in his village and everyone know about the punishment. Aru asks Mukhi to call the number once. Rami were worried what if Mukhi hears Lal ji’s voice. There, Mukhi dials the number. Rami run upstairs. Mukhi couldn’t connect the number. Lal ji opens the door to Rami; she takes the battery off his cell phone. Mukhi thinks Aru was pointlessly worried. Rami breaks the sim of Lal ji’s phone, then tells Lal this Aru would bring their truth one day. They must fix her. Aru was packing her bag saying only five days and she would fly.

Mishri comes and asks Aru if she was talking about leaving Mukhi ji. Aru looks for a while then laughs asking where she would go. Mishri brings five laddu to Aru and tells her to share this with Mukhi. Aru decides she won’t share it with Mukhi and hide it in the closet. Mukhi comes to the room and tells Aru this number isn’t in use. Mukhi says Aru over thinks and makes stories in her mind. They have an argument, Aru tells Mukhi not to think about coming inside from the terrace. At night, there is a thunderstorm. Mukhi knocks at the door but Aru was fast asleep.

Mukhi hides under a shade and holds Chammo close to himself. The next morning, Mukhi sat with flu and cold outside. Aru wakes up and calls why he started early morning. He comes out and asks Mukhi why he is so devastated. She wonders why he saved Chammo from rain and got wet himself.

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