Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th May 2017 Full Episode 1147

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th May 2017 Written Episode

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bala telling about next performers; please welcome seniors, Mr and Mrs. Bhallas, Mr and Mrs Iyer. Everyone clap for senior’s performance. Aashiq surrender hua….plays….. Shagun goes to Ishita and says I have to talk to you. They all go. Shagun asks what your problem is, what was the need, why did you scold Aaliya. Aaliya says just let it be. Shagun asks why, will Ishita insult us if we are girls’ family, what was the need to scold Aaliya. Ishita says she is my daughter; I raised her for 7-8 years. Shagun says you would have not scolded her; she changed dress and sent Roshni for dance, why did you make her cry. Ishita says I don’t need to prove anything, it’s my right to explain children if they do wrong. Shagun argues.

Roshni comes there. She apologizes and says please calm down, all guests are watching. Ishita asks guests to enjoy party. Roshni says sorry, I went to dance with Adi. Shagun says its Ishita’s mistake, not yours. She goes. Aaliya apologizes to Ishita. She goes. Ishita asks Roshni not to feel bad, I meant none should come between husband and wife, don’t feel sad. Shagun thanks guests for coming. She introduces Adi and Aaliya. Aaliya says we should go its Mihika’s performance now. The lady says sorry, it’s your daughter’s marriage; I thought it will be hi fi party, but it’s not, you did not call any filmstar. Shagun says I would have called, but my Samdhan does not want all this, she feels all this is waste of money. The lady says I wish so badly for you, I wish this was your son’s marriage, I’m sure groom’s family is dominating. Ishita looks on.

She goes to attend other guests. The lady says Ishita you did good arrangements. Amma asks about satsang group ladies, I invited Guru ji to bless Adi and Aaliya, go and see outside, Gutu ji has problem in her leg, he can’t walk well. Ishita says I will inform guards and Bala, relax. Shravan asks for Raman, someone is finding him. Roshni thinks to be with Ishita, Gagan may send her marriage pics.

Bala says Romi and Mihika are getting the last performance. Romi and Mihika perform on Hai ye hai mera Ghunghta…… Roshni keeps an eye on Ishita. Romi sees her and thinks why she is after Ishita. Guru ji asks the man to inform Amma, she will receive them. Amma goes to welcome Guru ji. Amma talks to guard. Roshni sees a man with envelope. She thinks Gagan’s friend would have got marriage pics. Amma says sorry Guru ji, I will see parking problem. The guard says we will ask guests to move their car.

The guard asks Bala to announce. Bala announces the car numbers and requests them to move the cars; they are causing lots of inconvenience. The lady says it’s my car, I will move it. Other lady says its fine, they are no imp VIP. Shagun says no problem. Guru ji says I can’t wait more. Amma asks him to listen; I will get that car removed. Guru ji leaves. The guard says madam; the car owner did not move the car. Bala requests again. Ishita says Amma said Guru ji will come. She asks Roshni what she is doing after her. Roshi says I don’t know anyone in party. Ishita asks her to talk to Ruhi.

The man says who is Ishita, where will I get him. Amma comes and pushes that man. The envelop falls. Ishita asks what happened. Roshni sends the waiter to that man. Amma scolds the lady. She says Guru ji was imp for me, your car came in between, he went. The lady says you are angry as any film star was coming, why you not arranged Palki for him. Amma gets angry and misbehaves with guest. The man asks for Ishita. Waiter says Gagan is waiting for you, come. The man goes. Romi and Roshni look on.

Romi says this girl is going to do something. The lady asks Shagun is this way to treat guests, is this culture. Amma says you have no culture. Mrs. Bhalla scolds the lady. Shagun worries. The lady says we can see their respect and culture. Raman says mind your language, Shagun shut up, we have heard Bala announcing car numbers, and they have no basic manners. The ladies taunt Shagun and leave. Waiter says maybe Gagan went somewhere, wait for him here. Roshni asks did you get photos. The man says yes and sees Roshni. She says I explained Gagan, this is not Khandpur, if I shout, anything can happen, give me photos and leave. The man goes. Romi thinks what’s in that packet. Shravan asks Romi to come inside, there is some problem.

Shagun asks is this right behavior to treat guests. Ishita says they can’t behave with elders this way. Shagun asks who behaves like this, I’m done, and I’m leaving. Ishita says no, please try to understand, Amma got Guru ji to bless Adi and Aaliya, he came from far, he can’t walk, how could he come here, your friends did not move car. Shagun says this happens again. Aaliya says please don’t go, it’s my sangeet. Roshni asks them to take Guru’s blessings. Everyone gets surprised seeing Guru ji. They all attend Guru ji well. Amma thanks Roshni for getting Guru ji here.

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