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Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd June 2017 Written Episode

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In the room, Aryan tells Kosi he would call police right away. Kosi asks him to think about Thapki first, if he wants disgrace for Thapki. Kosi says when she came home she knew no one knows about her reality yet. If he calls police right now, it would ruin all of the hardwork of Thapki. She tells him to stay calm and let her do what she came here for. Aryan leaves the room. Kosi laughs behind him, and then comes to Tina’s room with a bunch of balloons.

Tina was angry at her and tells her to go and meet Thapki even after whatever she did to them. Kosi comes in laughing and asks if this is what she understood about Kosi? She tells Tina these balloons are for Tina, Bani said blowing the balloons was favorite hobby of Tina in childhood. She is sure she would get peace only after blowing them. Tina holds a pin and blows out all the balloons, she feels dizzy as a powder comes out of the balloons and fell over the bed, faint.

Kosi thinks that poisonous air has worked perfectly, and Tina has got unconscious. Kosi says she would make the whole Panday family bleed now. Later, Kosi was carrying Tina across the corridor wrapped in a bed sheet. She watches Vasundra coming downstairs and straightens at once as Vasundra comes there and asks what she has been doing here. Kosi looks towards Thapki’s photo and says she has been crying for her actions. Tina was hidden behind Kosi. Vasundra leaves the hall. Kosi hurries to finish his job.

Munna comes to Samar’s room and replaces their watches. Munna wish their lives were also like watches, they could ger their belongings back. Samar apologizes Munna for whatever happened. Munna says its Thapki’s mistake, what can they do in the matter. Samar says they have no choice but to walk with time.

Aryan comes to Kosi’s room. She tells him to come in and join her in eating. Aryan asks how dare she came to his room and drags her outside. Kosi tells him to find Tina first, she considers him a real father. She throws an arrow over Tina’s photo on the wall and asks if he understands something? Aryan warns Kosi to kill her directly if Tina is hurt only a little. Kosi tells him to go and save Tina first. She laughs.

Aryan comes to Vasundra’s room and asks about Tina. Vasundra suggests him to go to hall. Aryan thinks its not right for Thapki to share the truth with anyone. Aryan comes to Munna in Tina’s room but she was also not there. He looks around the house, tries her number but it goes powered off. He runs to Kosi and questions where Tina is. Kosi laughs and tells him not to worry, Tina is perfectly fine and she hidden Tina in this house.

The problem is, there is no air where Tina is. Aryan asks Kosi what she wants; Kosi throws the arrow over Vasundra’s face this time and replies she wants life for life. If Aryan wants to save Tina, he must kill Vasundra in return. Aryan asks Kosi if she has gone insane. Kosi tells Aryan to think whom he holds important, fake daughter or fake mother. Aryan thinks he had promised Thapki to take care of everyone here. He walks downstairs; Vasundra brings his favorite sweet for him and cries that she couldn’t even take care of him well in all those years. She says now, she would keep good care of him now and caress him. Aryan thinks he won’t let Kosi succeed, he must find Tina anyway.

Aryan looks around the store roo. Vasundra and Samar come there, they ask what is he doing and why is he so worried. Samar offers him help. Aryan says he is looking for his phone; it seems he forgot it here. Soon, his phone begins to ring. Aryan takes Kosi’s call, she tells him to do what she asked him to; if he wants Tina alive. She warns if he tries to share this with anyone, he wouldn’t get Tina’s corpse. After the call, Aryan laughs that he is having memory loss these days. Vasundra asks if he is telling a truth, or is it something else. Aryan assures its not anything else.

In the room, Aryan was frustrated. He looks behind the mirror where Thapki was shut. Kosi blows a whistle behind him and asks if he considers her insane. She hands him a stabber to kill Vasundra, or wait for Tina’s death. She says neither Thapki nor Bani is at home to help him.

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