Love Ka Hai Intezaar 6th June 2017 Episode 20

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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 6th June 2017 Written Episode

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 6th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vijaylaxmi asking Rajmata to talk to Rana, he will give proof for Ali’s deceive how our political rival and Ali had a deal, nothing is hidden from my dad, and you can believe him. Rajmata says its okay I believe you; I can’t believe Ali can do this. Ali’s dad says I stopped Ali, we are just servants, Vijaylaxmi forced the blame, see the passion to stay as queen, she will not even leave Madhav, who are we then. Ali’s mum says why my son will pay price for her lie. Ali’s dad says she wants revenge from Ali too. Ali asks why. Ali’s dad says you have supported Kamini and stayed loyal to Madhav.

Hina comes and says someone came from Rajmahal. Servant asks them to vacate lalmahal and leave. Hina says this is our house. Ali asks her not to worry; they will get such house if they have respect. They start leaving. Vijaylaxmi comes. She says this lock is on lalmahal and your fate too, you supported a wrong woman. Ali’s mum says we will always be loyal to Rajmata, sweet box came from palace, we will not let blame come on her, how will you get lock to hide truth, one day you won’t get a place to hide face. Vijaylaxmi asks servant to throw them out. Ali and his family leaves.

Servant locks lalmahal. Vijaylaxmi says today your love palace got locked, very soon your love will also get locked, and the keys will be in some river. She thinks I have 3 days’ time, I have to shut all doors which separate Madhav from me, I won’t let this marriage happen. Madhav shows set designs to Arun and Ragini. He says I want to do something for Kamini that she remembers all her life, you know her more, do you want to say something. Arun asks can’t this be done in simple way; we thought to have small ceremony in your village temple.

Ragini says we don’t want media interference. Madhav says I understood, it will happen as you want. Arun asks him to keep any function in Rajgarh after bride reaches there. Madhav says I want your blessings and happiness, you already gave me Kamini. Vijaylaxmi talks to Rana. Rana says leave Kamini on me now. She says we have three days left for divorce. Rana says he will get divorce from her life, she will die. Vijaylaxmi says leave it, Lord will do justice. She goes to Rajmata. She says I was talking to Rana about Ali, he wanted to give him to police, I said we should forget this; Rajmata asks did you lock lalmahal, you are making things easy for Madhav and Kamini, they will stay here.

Vijaylaxmi says I locked lalmahal so that there is not any plan against us, how can Kamini stay here, its my house, Madhav and my divorce won’t happen. Rajmata says I wish I had confidence like you, will you come back in Madhav’s life. Vijaylaxmi asks where I went to come back, don’t you trust me. She asks servant to make strong tea for her. Madhav talks to Madhavi on video call and smiles. Kamini sees Madhavi and talks. Vijaylaxmi asks nanny to get Madhavi. Nanny apologizes to Madhavi. Madhav says please wait. Nanny says sorry and takes Madhavi. Vijaylaxmi scolds nanny. Rajmata looks on. Madhav sees Madhavi’s pics and misses her. Kamini gets coffee.

He says Vijaylaxmi is very discipline; she can’t wait even for a second. She says its matter of few days, and then Madhavi will be with us, you can take to her any way. He says yes just 3 days more. She says yes, divorce papers will come; I want to talk about simple marriage. He says I just want our marriage, I’m ready to do court marriage, and we will unite. She says this is our new beginning. He says yes. Vijaylaxmi says you scared me, I was coming to you, check these designs and help me. Rajmata says you know you will be hurt by Madhav and Kamini’s wedding, you are asking for selecting card.

Vijaylaxmi asks her to read it. Rajmata says Vijaylaxmi and Madhav’s 5th anniversary celebrations. Vijaylaxmi says yes, this is imp for our political career, I m going to meet Rana, and plan things, I m taking Madhavi along, people will not forget this evening, bless me. Rajmata blesses her. Vijaylaxmi thanks her and leaves. Kamini hugs Madhav and says I have to leave. He asks her to stay back. She says I m chief guest in book launch, I want to end my pending work so that I become your wife soon, please let me go. He says no. She requests. He says fine, go.

He gets Rajmata’s call. He asks is everything fine? She says Vijaylaxmi took Madhavi and went to meet Rana to discuss about some event before elections. Kamini signs Madhav. Madhav says I will also go Delhi and spend time with Madhavi. Rajmata says no, let Vijaylaxmi spend time with Madhavi, she just has 3 days. Madhav says Vijaylaxmi will always have right on Madhavi, Kamini’s parents want to talk to you, they want it to happen simple way. Rajmata recalls Vijaylaxmi’s words and thinks how to tell about Vijaylaxmi keeping anniversary celebrations.

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