Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th June 2017 Episode 2137 Star

Watch video Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th June 2017 Episode 2137 star plus. Popular serial Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6 June 2017 online episode. Download Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6 June 2017 Video by star plus.

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Telecast Date: 6th June 2017
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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th June 2017 Written Episode

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on OppoTime.com

Kokila says family that Sameea will chant gayatri mantra 1000 times on gayatri Jayanti. Sameera enters wearing traditional attire and says she is ready. Kokila asks Ramakanth/Ricky that he has to go to temple with Sameera and finish pooja. Daima praises Sameera. Seeta says she will take breakfast for Jaggi. Kokila leaves with family towards temple. Seeta says Ricky that he was showing concern for Gopi, he can come with her and meet her. He yells to mind her own business. Seeta taunts small brain, small thinking. Ricky angrily leaves. Sameera wears pallu in home temple Kokila says she does not have to wear pallu. Sameera says she used to see her bhabis wearing pallu and wants to perform all the rituals. She asks if she can chant gayatri mantra once here and rest 999 times in her room. Kokila permits. She chants mantra once and then goes to her room, then removes pallu.

Vidya kneads dough. Bhavani taunts bahus should follow rituals silently. Vidya warns once her sister is found, her drama will be finished as she is 100% sure that she has kidnapped her sister Meera. Bhavani asks if she has proof, why will she kidnap her, she just prays she does nto return back. She leaves yelling. Vidya takes out recorder from dough and says she will make Dharam hear Bhavani’s low thinking.

Seeta with Sahir reaches hospital and asks Jaggi to go and rest, she and Sahir will be with Gopi kaki. Jaggi says he will go out of hospital only with Gopi. Seeta says he loves Gopi a lot. He says love word is very small, Gopi is his life and strength, he is standing again because of her. Seeta praises Gopi. Jaggi says she praised a lot, walks with her out asking how is situation at home, if Sameera and Ricky are troubling family. Seeta says Sameera has changed suddenly and has kept fast and chanting gayatri mantra 1000 times.

Seeta then gets into car and heads towards home. She sees Ramakanth and Sameera in another car. She calls landline and asks Urmila if Sameera is in her room. Urmila says yes. Seeta asks her to go and check. Urmila goes and checks and sees Sameera chanting, a dummy with recorder. She returns and says Sameea is in her room. Seeta says she is coming home and rushes. She reaches home and informs Kokila and others that she saw Sameera and Ramakanth outside in a car and insists to check once. They all head towards room and see door locked. Kokila knocks door. Seeta says nobody is in. Ricky opens door and they all see Sameera collapsed on floor. Ricky says she collapsed chanting mantras. Urmila sprinkles water on Sameera. She wakes up and says she collapsed while chanting mantras and heard them discussing to check if she is in room or not, if they don’t trust her even now. Kokila stands silently. Pinku darling hiding under bed with dummy doll gets tensed thinking they should not be caught. Seeta says how can her eyes fail. Ricky asks everyone to go out and let Sameera rest. Once they walk out, Ricky says they are going out. Sameera opens eyes and asks how her acting was. Pinku darling comes out and says she fooled Modis and even did her other work.

Vidya plays Bhavani’s recording in front of Dharam and Shravan and says Bhavani’s true face is out, she has kidnapped Meera. They hear Bhavani telling she does not like Meera and does not want her to return. Dharam asks how it proves that Bhavani has kidnapped Meera. He shouts that if they respect him, they should respect even Bhavani as she is his wife now. He walks out fuming. Bhavani laughs on Vidya that she did not speak more by god’s grace and she can never prove that she has kidnapped Meera, warns if she tries to get oversmart again, she will lose her sister.

Kokila gets snacks for Sameera and asks her to not punish herself too much. Ricky feed Sameera snacks. Once Kokila leaves, they all 3 laugh.

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