Dil Boley Oberoi 8th May 2017 Full Episode 67

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Dil Bole Oberoi 8th May 2017 Written Episode

Dil Bole Oberoi 8th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on OppoTime.com

Om runs with Chulbul. He tries to remove the cap. Kaali hits on his head. Om faints. Gauri comes there and cries seeing Om. Sometime before, Kaali takes the sword from Gauri. Om looks on shocked. Kaali goes to someone dressed as Chulbul. Om shouts Kaali, if you do anything to Chulbul, I will burn you and your haveli, leave him. Kaali does not listen. Om pushes the men and gets two guns pointing at Kaali and his men.

Jhanvi throws the sweets and tears the card. She asks how you dare give this card to me. Shwetlana says some people don’t digest respect, I got shogun invitation for you, as you are mom of my would be husband. Jhanvi says just shut up. Shwetlana says I know you are not happy with this, but this marriage will happen, I will become your elder bahu, Shwetlana Omkara Oberoi.

Om shoots at the sword. He says if anyone moves, next bullet will be in Kaali’s chest, move back. He goes to Kaali. Gauri looks on. Om points gun at Kaali and smiles. He takes Chulbul and goes. Kaali stops his men and says none will come in between, but then how will story move ahead, go. Gauri asks Kaali to stop this game. Kaali asks why you don’t understand. Buamaa scolds Shwetlana. She says if you married on right time, you would have got a grown up son like Om, you want to become bahu in age when you should become Saas. Shwetlana says I’m glad I came on time, Om is better option than Tej. Buamaa says you are cheap option; I won’t let you marry any servant of this house.

Shwetlana says nothing will happen if you think and wish, it will happen what I wish. Buamaa says I won’t let Om marry you. Shwetlana asks are you challenging me. Buamaa says you like to play games, I will show how game is played, you are old player, I’m coach of this game, real game will begin now.

Om runs with Chulbul and hides from Kaali’s men. He goes to remove Chulbul’s cap. Kaali hits on his head. Om faints. Gauri comes there and cries seeing Om. Kaali holds her.

Its morning, Gauri sees Om sleeping and cries. She says I’m the reason of all your troubles and sorrows, your life fell in problem, so I decided I will go away from your life. She goes to hold him. Kaali makes her fall down by pulling the chains. He says I knew you can’t stay away from Om, so I will make Om away from you, Om will never get Chulbul, and he will hold you responsible and hate you. Gauri says I did what you said, let him go. He says yes, after we get married. She says I’m ready to marry, let him go please. He says no sorry and please in love, this is about trust, I don’t even trust my dad, you have run away before. She says I did mistake, don’t punish Om, I’m ready to marry you anytime. He says really, and then marriage will happen today, do you agree. She sees Om and nods. He says great, love makes and ruins, it’s so mean, go and prepare for marriage. He goes. She sees Om.

Shwetlana calls Om and says why he is not answering. The lady says decorator wants to discuss wedding theme. Shwetlana scolds her in frustration. She stops the lady and shows Om’s pic. She says he is Om, my fiance, get me a similar guy soon. The lady asks what you are saying. Shwetlana says I want someone looking like him, go quick. The lady goes.

Om wakes up and holds his head. Om recalls Chulbul and goes out. He sees Kaali’s men. Shwetlana says I have to marry Om, but he is missing, so I have to fake marry a guy looking like Om, so that if Om refuses to marry me on Buamaa’s saying, I can have proof of fake marriage, everything will be fake, but bahu will be real, I will be owner of this mansion, I am genius.

Kaali gives bridal dress to Gauri and asks her to get ready while singing Sajna hai mujhe…. He goes. She says what fate I got; I’m going to become someone’s wife to save my husband. Om comes to her and asks where is Chulbul. She scolds him for coming in her room without permission. He asks her about Chulbul. Gauri asks why you want to save him, after all he is a servant. Om throws her bridal dress and says he is my true friend, maybe you don’t know truth, he is in problem because of a characterless girl like you, I don’t raise hand on women, if anything happens to my Chulbul, I will forget you are a woman. She thinks how to tell she is Chulbul whom he loves and she is Gauri whom he hates. He asks her to say where Chulbul is.

She cries and asks him to leave. He says I won’t go without Chulbul. Kaali comes there. He asks Om to talk well if he is a man. Om asks him to say where Chulbul is if he is a man. Kaali says I was also restless when you ran away with my Bulbul. Om says you got your thing back, keep her, and return my Chulbul. Kaali says after my marriage. Om says to hell with your marriage, if I don’t get Chulbul in 15 mins then… Kaali asks what you will do. Om says your name will be written as late Kaali Thakur. Kaali looks at him.

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